Flower among scum

17. dubna 2012 v 21:31 | Kvicka |  >> Moje kecy a myšlenkový pochody
I somehow got used to search for "flower among scum" when I'm on my way to university...
or elsewhere...I mean...when you look around ...all these people look so boring...one like
another...lot of them probably never touched by word "style"...
Sometimes I find none......no flowers...but sometimes I do...

And today I found one of those flowers...it was one quite old Lady...and she was so elegant ^_^
so stylish....she sit there and look like real rose among thorns...wearing hat and beautiful jacket
and everything ^.^ ...everything so amazing matching... ^^ she probably wasn't Czech...(she read
some English book...but I didn't catch its title)... plus she was nice ^^...she smiled at me when she
saw that I was inspecting her ^.^ It's pity I wasn't able somehow to take photo...

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1 Erizu Erizu | Web | 17. dubna 2012 v 22:18 | Reagovat

I know the feeling (partly because I think myself to belong into the scum part of our population - when not too lazy to dress agreeably, I still mess something up... but I've got only myself to blame >.<), I always try to seek out someone who knows how to properly match everything together etc.
Almost every time that someone is French or British or Asian or... maybe it's in the Czech DNA :DD
And pardon my English... I find myself greatly influenced by 10 hours of watching various interpretations of Pride and Prejudice, so I may sound a little silly :D but then... was there a time when I didn't sound silly? :/
btw: I finally dyed my hair!

2 Kitsune Kitsune | 18. dubna 2012 v 2:06 | Reagovat

Yeah I do that too so I know what you mean.

3 Kvicka Kvicka | E-mail | Web | 19. dubna 2012 v 18:53 | Reagovat

[1]: yeah...czech are losers...xD and you wrote you want I would pardon your English o_O to be honest...I waited you will critize mine..xDD
[2]: ^^

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