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22. listopadu 2011 v 10:49 | Kvicka |  >> Moje kecy a myšlenkový pochody

In two hours I have "writing" in English class.....and I'm fucking nervous...I don't know
what should I learn for this exam and so I don't prepare at all.... the only one thing
teacher told us was that there could be for example some diagram and we should
describe it...o_O could one wish more concrete informations? xD

I have such bad feeling that I won't do it.... with my terrible spelling... but unfortunately
I quite need those points...I think I will have big problem at the end of this semestr...

Right now my brain didn't come out with any more inteligent thing that writing nonsense
at my blog in English. Althought I have here my English book but I opened it on random
page a while ago...stared inside confused not knowing what to look for....or concentrate
on...so I closed it quickly again...

Often I wish I wouldn't have such problems with foreing language as I do..

Now I had two free hours (after "Accounting" lecture...which I slept throught anyway xD)
and now I shoud go...I have "International trade" lecture at 11:00.

Wish me luck at least...I'm loser and error...so I will definitely need lot of it...

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