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17. dubna 2011 v 10:14 | Kvicka |  >> Moje kecy a myšlenkový pochody
Sorry I don't feel like writing in Czech today...
I just copyed from my livejournal what I wrote 7 hours ago...

My exams has gone for I had some time...

I just saw gaze's Tokyo Dome concert...I don't have words... ♥
eto...Am I the only one who was crying during watching instead of laughing?
And now I don't think cry with laugh or so... I cried because I was so touched...
because they are so amazing T_T ♥

I friends laughed when they saw it...I expected I will too...I didn't...'s true...Kai snake-outfit looks terrible..Uruha outfits look more than
really weird (I'm not sure which one more)...

admiringbut who matter how they look...
I love them for their music...
for what they are...the GazettE ♥♥♥

I wish I could be there with them... (I should have robbed bank xD)
and I have such feeling I will starving from now...cause...I HAVE TO buy this DVD...
don't ask me why...I have to...
(and plus last payment for "D" concert-ticket and ticket on train, Dir en grey
concert-ticket, and probably plus three CDs which were in Donation action
for Japan, 2 at cost of 1, on Neotokyo.... plus I should buy university
mimeographed for my oncoming semestral final exams X_X)
...I'm going to die... but...I don't care xD

Thanks for being the GazettE...Love you all ♥

"I don't want to forget to myself, I want to be as I'm"

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1 Violet Thores Violet Thores | 17. dubna 2011 v 19:10 | Reagovat

Sakrááá já nemám překladač xDDD

2 aďuška aďuška | Web | 13. května 2011 v 13:12 | Reagovat

tady to je asi taky zkopčené.. když tak jsem tamto psala sama!

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