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12. srpna 2010 v 15:42 | Kvicka |  Z mého pera...
Author: [info]kvicka
Parings: AoixKai
Fandom: the GazettE
Genre: romance, fluff, (maybe you can find some attempts of humor..xD)
Chapters: oneshot
Rating: G
Warnings: none? eto...just... my English isn't good ... so mistekes... >.<
Disclaimer: This is only fiction. And I don't own any members of the GazettE…unfortunately >.< ...though I wish them for every Christmas and birthday for two and half years already T_____T
Summary: Aoi acts like a naughty little child and Kai looks like he is annoying of it.
Comment: All started when we were on our family-summer-holiday this year. We spent night in one camp "Ostaš". And once pretty night…I didn't want to sleep and so…I used a swing, which was there. It's normal in my case… I'm sometimes still like little stupid child xD …so… xD and then my inspiration came, as I was swinging and watching the stars-full sky. At the time this story was born…if you like ground for this story was born. Lot of thinks, some change and especially end I though up not until three months later….
but you had to wait much more until my I kick my lazy-busy ass and write it in computer. (o_O it all takes me almost tempi is terrible..xD)

It's little paradox. I wrote it almost all straight in English. But then I translated it back to my language and delivered it as school-essay to my teacher of Czech language...xD I think that she had to have little shock at least... xD (I skipped only passages with jokes on Uruha's alcoholism and I admit somewhere I used different formulations...but in fact that was same as this one) and I'm still wondering how it happened that she didn't return it to me with Deficient xD

o_O oh so long comment..xD I hope somebody will read it at all..xDD

Moje třetí dokončená anglická FanFiction...a pozor tentokrát má svůj český ekvivalent

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