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Fan Fiction: KEEP A PROMISE...

11. srpna 2010 v 23:36 | Kvicka |  Z mého pera...
Title: Keep a promise...
Parings: Ruki x Reita, ?Uruha x Reita? 
Fandom: the GazettE 
Disclaimer: This is only fiction. And I don't STILL own any members of the GazettE…unfortunately x_x
Chapters: oneshot 
Rating: PG +15
Warnings: male x male relationship, vulgarity, character die
Comment: Hey, at first sorry for mistakes. English isn't my home-language and strong side xD.
Secondly...'m back here with my next fanfiction...and it isn't next Aoi x Kai as I planned be honest it suprised me too. I heve never thought before that I could write something else than Aoi x Kai eventually Kaoru x Toshiya (it's true that I wrote one really short in my language Die x Shinya but it doesn't count xD). In this time I work on two FF Aoi x Kai...the one is quite ready I might say a name ^.~ it might be...ok..xD it will beite surely "Sometimes nothing matter".

But back to this fact I wrote it just two months ago in one moment of my hard depression. It take only little while and it was complet. But I was and still I'm too lazy..xD and too now I finally wrote it in computer and it's supposed to be ready for reader...xD

And I'm sorry for way this FF goes. Please don't kill me for it >.<
Enjoy it if it's possible...

Druhá z mých anglických.... (česká verze neexistuje)

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